About Keith

Over the past 18 months we’ve been working with Sheffcare, with our incredible Exercise Referral instructors delivering physical activity sessions in care homes across Sheffield. Our Exercise Referral Scheme supports over 1,300 people with long term health conditions every year, so we had a few stories to choose from! However Keith really stood out.

Since Keith had been in the home he had resigned himself to the fact that he could not stand for periods of time. He was so low on confidence, and becoming completely sedentary having not stood up for over 3 months. Keith and his family were really struggling. Our instructor Emma, and the care home workers knew Keith would benefit from our programme so much, and were able to persuade him just to come along and see what all the fuss was about. After joining in with a couple of sessions with our instructor Emma, he heard a song by Elvis that he loved. All of a sudden he stood up for a little shuffle! He just couldn’t resist! His niece was sat at the side of him and was just overwhelmed. She had to leave the room with tears in her eyes.

His neice was ecstatic “It felt like I had my uncle back. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for him”

Keith said, “The atmosphere is lovely when everyone gets together. Gives me a little bit more energy.  I actually get up and join in now!”

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One of our 7 ambitions is to ‘find, share and replicate new solutions to inactivity’. Working alongside Sheffcare we’ve designed and delivered a brand new physical activity programme in care homes across Sheffield. We improve the quality of life for over 150 people and their families each year.

Sessions are delivered by our Exercise Referral instructors, to find out more about our Exercise Referral Scheme visit SIV.

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